How We Got Started

Avid travellers, dreamers, idealists, husband and wife, business partners, Mum and Dad and life enthusiasts…Matt and Meg, are thrilled to share with you our TRAVEL TALES.

This blog stemmed from our love of travel and our passion for hitting the long open road and embarking on high spirited adventures! Whether it be a mini break, weekend getaway, mid-week overnighter, long overseas journey…we never tire of exploring new territory, immersing ourselves in different cultures and ways of living, meeting locals and other travellers and embracing the great outdoors.

Whether it be camping, glamping, 1 star hotel or 5 star hotels, backpacking, suitcasing or simply roaming…we love exploring new places and sharing our travel tales with you. Gypsies at heart, we love the wind in our hair, sun on our face, feet on the dashboard tunes on and a good ole fashioned road trip! Likewise, we think there’s nothing better than the buzz you experience when walking through an international airport and arriving at a new destination…
Sit back and enjoy the travels

Matt and Meg.