Never have I felt so paralysed by nature, so humbled in its presence, so enriched, so empowered, yet so overwhelmed at the same time…it really is nature in its purest form.

Jade coloured water with crystal clear reflections of the snow capped mountains, it’s like a mirage. The rich forest green of the Canadian pines line the lakes edge in unison and the surrounding majestic mountains are so intense you can’t help but gasp and take a breath of bewilderment and surprise. This is what you see in movie scenes or theatre backdrops, postcards or coffee table books…it can’t be real? The fluffy white clouds are dotted in the bright blue sky, the perfect contrast against the grey granite mountain outcrops sprinkled with a coating of crisp white snow…a lethal combination that makes it picture perfect.

There’s nowhere else to look, as the landscape is so captivating that you are literally held hostage by its beauty.

Yoho National Park is about one hour out of Banff and Emerald Lake is the definite highlight. You simply can’t give this one a miss. We stayed at Emerald Lake Lodge (part of the CRMR group) for two nights which has the most magical views right from the cabin. The cabins are basic (yet cozy) and have an open fireplace and a balcony, which are the only creature comforts you desire. No TV or wifi means it’s time to disconnect and reconnect with nature. It’s time to relish in the moment, switch off from the frenetic paced world you’ve left behind and just simply ‘be’.

Walking trails, canoes for hire, mountain treks and hiking, photography, snow shoeing and obviously more winter sports in the peak season. Whatever the season this place throws a party for all ages, all interests and all seasons. It caters for the extreme adventure/thrill seekers, the outdoor enthusiasts, the more placid observers or those that simply want to relax.

We had dinner at the main lodge each night then watched the stars and had a log fire in our cabin with a quality Pinot noir.

A walk around the lake is a definite must on your trip (5.5km total) and a photographers dream.

Oh and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for brown grizzly’s and black bears, elk, mouse, wolves, bison and deer. It’s a haven for all creatures big and small.

We visited during Spring so it cost approximately $210 AUS per night. They had a deal on if you booked direct through CRM Resorts where you stay 2 nights and get the 3rd free! Bonus! Ask for a cabin overlooking the lake. Be prepared to switch off as no wifi in rooms/cabins only in the main lodge which is a 5 min walk. No TV so pack books and red wine for the open fire! Warm jackets and walking shoes as gets slippery. Ugg boots (epic mistake on my end) Bring your bathers for the outdoor hot-tub which overlooks the mountains.

Check it out : Emerald Lake Lodge-


  • Sounds absolutely beautiful. Who can fail to be impressed by the sheer majesty of nature? The photo gives some idea of the surrounds but it’s really hard to capture all in such a fabulous location. Would really love to stay here when visiting Canada.

  • Loved reading about the Emerald lake. Its enchanting beauty comes alive in your post and I could almost sense the beauty of nature as personified by the lake. Such experiences do leave you humbled and with a strange bliss.

  • Iza Abao says:

    I have seen some photos of the Emerald Lake Lodge. The location is picturesque and peaceful. It would be lovely to stay there with your special someone.

  • Gina says:

    I would love to just disconnect from social media and the internet and really connect with nature. Nature in its purest form definitely overtakes the senses and cleanses the soul. It’s a bit pricey but who can beat a good time and good laughs with friends and family.

  • Kate says:

    You’re making me so nostalgic for home. It’s funny, cause I’m from Toronto! I actually visited Emerald Lake with my family too. My mum had wanted to see it all her life. It was such a special time!

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