Farewell Frankfurt, thanks for the memories!

What an adventure! I had been lucky enough to spend two weeks working in Frankfurt, Germany with the Tourism Australia team.

I have to say it’s been an amazing experience, seeing how the Tourism Australia team operate and the great collaboration between Tourism Australia and the Australian state representatives in Germany, along with the various trade partners and airlines. Some great things are happening by the team in Frankfurt and it was great to see this first hand and gain a better insight into the variety of projects and the process involved into seeing them from plan to action. There’s an amazing team at TA in Germany and they’re producing some fantastic results!

After work drinks with some of the team was a great finish to my placement, chatting about my Germany experience with everyone and learning more about the culture and about everyone’s lives, it was a great bonding experience and as we said our goodbye’s at the end of the night, I knew I’d stay in touch and hoped that I could repay the favour by introducing them to my part of the world someday.

I walked back across the city to my hotel room, pausing briefly at a little German sausage restaurant for my last ‘Currywurst’, and chatting to the owner as we watched the last of the German 2nd league soccer match, where Dusseldorf beat Berlin and made it through to the main German league for the first time in 15 years.

As I walked the remainder of the way, I reflected on my time in Germany, the laughs, the confusion (mostly a language barrier thing), the characters I met (both at work and during my travels), the renewed sense of excitement and passion for what I do and my life in general.

I’ll return to Germany in the not to distant future to explore some more of Germany and continue into other parts of Europe, this time with a family in tow to share it with, however, I’m very satisfied that I’ve been able to learn from this wonderful experience, both personally and for the benefit of my work in the Grampians.

So, to everyone I’ve met along the way, thanks for making my time in Germany such an amazing experience, I’ll never forget it!

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