Fast & Furious – 48 hours in Frankfurt!

One of the great things about Frankfurt is it’s central and is well served by public transport. This does, however, create a problem!

I only had one full weekend free whilst I was in Germany and there were too many options to choose from of places to explore!

Do I head back to Munich & continue on to explore the amazing Alps down that way (?), or I could easily head to Paris for the weekend (?), or even Berlin, which is supposed to be a great city. Then there was Dusseldorf, the Rhine…too many options. As I sat in my little coffee shop sipping on my latte macchiato & researching online (gotta love free wi-Fi), I realised I needed to come back, so many great places to explore and this was only in Germany.

In the end I decided that the Rhine river it was, quaint little German villages, a beautiful river flowing through a dramatic valley with vineyards, historic castles, it sounded too good to go past. Plus, I knew it sounded like a photographers dream!

Exploring the villages & meeting the people that make up these little communities sounded like my kind of travel.

Then it was onto whether to drive or catch public transport and where to stay? As I sat in the cafe, I decided to pick up a car late afternoon and head off tonight rather than wait until tomorrow. I love a good road trip & also like the freedom of deciding what way I go & how long I spend at towns and attractions along the way… I was excited!

After a busy morning in the office and a quick check where I could get a car, I made a dash on my lunch break to the main train station to find a set of wheels for the weekend. I walked up & found a very helpful man who talked me through the options and to my surprise I could get a small car for €99 for the whole weekend!

So, I signed the docs grabbed my keys & scurried back to the office, excited about my weekend ahead!

The arvo raced by and before I knew it 5.30 had arrived, I jumped on the tram & went back to near the main train station to pick up my car, after walking around in circles for 5 minutes, I found it, a shiny black little 4 door hatchback. After nearly jumping in the passenger seat – ok without thinking I went to jump in the right hand side, before realizing & quickly did a scan to see if anyone was watching me… Oops!

A quick check of all the controls to reduce the number of times I turned on the windscreen wipers instead of the indicators while I was driving and off I went. A quick stop at my hotel to grab a few clothes & I was away… the road trip had begun!

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