First time CRUISE onboard LEGEND OF THE SEAS!

The excitement onboard mounted as we stood on the top deck of the cruise ship all leaning over the rails waving and cheering! The ‘Legend of the Seas’ was about to set sail! There’s something quite romantic about travelling on a magnificent ship and as we watched hundreds of people wave us off from the Brisbane Port, it was quite reminiscent of the 1940s when commoners would flock to the pier to farewell the upper echelon of society. Mind you, I’m doubtful they had selfie sticks back then!

The vibration of the vessels engine started, the music began, and the foghorn blared through the high pitched chatter. Ahoy there! The ship was now sailing at a slow pace through the blue water towards the large bridge overhead – once passed, this was the beginning of our voyage.

The passengers cheered as a double rainbow peaked its way through the bright blue sky, the hot Queensland sun was shining on us and the mood was jubilant and full of anticipation.

My first cruise. After 39 years of seeing them in glossy magazines, on TV and in tourism brochures, it was now my turn to sail the high seas! Travelling with my beautiful mum on our first holiday  adventure together was something I had dreamed of for many years. Coming from a large family, getting one on one time with mum was a rare treat and I was thrilled to have her there to share it with me.

Music blaring, people splashing about in the pool, dancing on the deck, quiz shows, comedians, line dancing, beach volleyball in the wave pool, jazz…you name it, this ship had all bases covered in terms of providing diverse entertainment for the masses.

11 floors, 5 bars, casino, 3 pools, a 1km running track, outdoor movie screen,¬† rick climbing wall, mini golf, formal dining room, 2 restaurants, 3 cafes, day spa, solarium, library, gift shops, hairdresser…and this was only the beginning.

6 nights onboard this cruise and I knew at once that I wouldn’t run out of something to do. We checked into our cabin which was small but neat and clean and did little happy dances in our room before frocking up for dinner in the dining room.

Life onboard the Legend of the Seas as a first time cruiser was already pretty spectacular and it was only day one. Let the games begin!!

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