The sound of the sail flapping against the wind, the yacht moving underneath as we fly through the water leaping over white caps and getting sprayed with salt water. Sun on the back, wind in the hair, salty lips…the true adventure has begun. It’s incredibly liberating as we set sail on the Gippsland Lakes. That amazing sense of freedom stems from the wide open lakes and looking ahead at the horizon, which never appears straight due to the movement of the yacht.

Daisy squeals with excitement as we switch the motor off and hoist the sails. Matt is tacking away pulling the jib and the main sail up and ensuring it faces head on into the wind for smooth sailing.

There’s nothing like it. No noise except for the sound of the sails gently flapping in the wind and the water splashing on the bow.

Learning my sea terms I quickly test myself. Helm, port, stern, jib, it’s so exciting! It’s a new world and I’m already yearning to know more.

The bright orange sunsets, pink sky’s and star gazing are exhausting. Exhausting due to the emotional connection you have with nature when sailing. All the ‘ahhhhing and ohhhhing’ and the awe inspiring, jaw dropping magical moments you have along the way.

I’m hooked, line and sinker. Along the way we try hard to find ways to make sailing part of our regular life. How can we do it more often. How we can find this same sense of escapism and freedom again.