More than an illusion at ArtVo Melbourne, VIC

Have you ever dreamed of being a fairy princess and owning your own castle? What about riding on a romantic gondola in Venice? Meeting King Kong? Boxing with a kangaroo? Visiting Ayers Rock? Being chased by dragons, or for the more adventurous…how about wrestling a lion in the jungle or riding a 78-foot barrel wave?

At ArtVo, you can experience all this and more as you explore an entire gallery dedicated to immersing yourself in all sorts of quirky scenarios. What’s more, you can take your own photos in the process and build up your own priceless photo gallery.

With over 100 reality-defying artworks in 3D, this is the first immersive art gallery of its kind in Australia.

First of many visits …
We experienced ArtVo for the first time recently with our 4-year-old girl, Daisy, and had no idea what to expect but we were all in fits of laughter as we experienced a myriad of cool, visual illusions and turned these into our own photographic art! It has over 11 different themed zones for you to explore! 

The gallery is very well designed with clear instructions as to where to stand to get the best photo and whether to shoot in landscape or portrait. The staff are friendly and the interactive experience is one the entire family can enjoy.

“With artwork painted on the walls and floors, the naked eye doesn’t know which way to turn!”

Posers delight …
With artwork painted on the walls and floors, the naked eye doesn’t know which way to turn! But, after a few minutes, you’ll find the kids take charge and in their typical tech-head fashion, they will be ordering you around and telling you where to stand and how to hold your iPhone! Without a word of a lie, my husband and I were at the mercy of a brilliant, highly creative artistic director for the day – our 4 year old! 

It is rare to find a place that allows you to interact with so many crazy scenarios and have a laugh along the way. If you haven’t yet been, head down to ArtVo at the Docklands with the family – you won’t regret it.

Check out the ArtVo Facebook page before you visit to get some inspiration…

Located at Harbour Town, Docklands, it costs AU$55 for a family of 3. Ticket prices are available here. Open 7 days a week, 10am to 6pm. For more information click here.



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