There’s nothing quite like sitting by an open fire after a day spent on the slopes, fiercely navigating your way through fresh powder. Likewise, there’s nothing like taking off your heavy ski boots, jackets and goggles and replacing them with trackies and warm uggboots.

It really is the simple things in life when it comes to enjoying the snow! It’s the hot chocolates and schnapps & baileys, the warm soup, the friendly chats with the lifties as you finish a good run, the feeling of snow gently touching your cheeks, the wind in your hair as you fly down wombat gully, watching icicles melt outside your window and fall to the ground with an almighty thud, the laughter coming from children as they tear down the mountain past you with no fear in the world…yes, ‘Tis the simple things in life.

IMG_2170[1][5]I think I was born to live in an alpine environment. The fresh cold air and crisp white surrounds makes for the perfect match. I love everything about it. I felt the same connection on our recent travels to Banff & Jasper in Canada and previous trips to the Scottish highlands. Give me mountains, alps and cold air and I feel completely at home.

I’m so in awe of the snow that I’d even go so far as to say I’m even fascinated in snowflakes. Seriously! I find them so intriguing! Did you know that these delicate little crystals take on different shapes all depending on the chemistry of water? I didn’t, until the inner nerd inside of me insisted I research some more! Snowflakes start as grains of dust floating in clouds then the water vapor in the clouds sticks to them and freezes, forming ice and from there, each snowflake takes a different path, morphing into a unique shape as it travels to the ground. The end result is a fascinating array of beautiful hexagonal shaped snowflakes! Love this!!

Some may call me crazy…others seem to agree with me. A man I was chatting to earlier in the dry room as we both clipped on our boots and donned our winter woolies, was telling me he has been skiing for 60 years!! He is now 78 and comes to Falls Creek every year on his own to perfect his craft and spend some time embracing the art of skiing. He drives himself here from Queensland  – 17 hours on the Newell Highway and checks in with his wife at 5.30pm each night to let her know he is safe. Last year he had a nasty fall and ended up on the back of a medical skidoo as his face was all black and blue from a faceplant on one of the black runs. He laughed when he recalled the incident and said he had to hide that story from his wife when he called that evening in case he worried her!

FullSizeRender[5][2]It is these sorts of characters that make travelling so much fun. Another young couple we met were both visiting Falls for the first time as students on a tight budget. They were bleary eyed after travelling on a red eye flight from WA, then catching the 5am bus up to Falls Creek from Melbourne Airport. They were avid skiers and so excited to be visiting the Vic alps.

Another couple we met in the lodge had never seen snow before and at the age of 65, a lady was telling me with such gusto and pride how she had made her first snow angel that day. Her husband was teasing her saying it was far from a snow angel and resembled more of an awkward robot running out of batteries!

Our stay at Diana Alpine Lodge was all about good conversation, home cooked meals and feeling warm and cozy after a big day on the slopes.

Upon our arrival, they hosted a ‘Christmas in July’ party for all the guests. It was so incredibly special. The room was full of people sharing laughs and singing carols and all enjoying a traditional Christmas festive feast with all the trimmings. There was even a visit from Santa! It was a great way to get to know the other guests and to share a homecooked meal in a cozy lodge environment after a big day of skiing.

When booking your next adventure to the snow, you should try and book a lodge as sharing meals with others and sitting by the fire recounting tales of the day’s adventures really does make it memorable. At Diana Lodge, you get fantastic friendly and warm service by Lisa and her staff, the pleasure of Skye’s company (the resident border collie who loves pats!), fantastic large oversized rooms to spread out in after a rigorous day on the slopes, exceptional homestyle cooked food prepared by acclaimed resident chef, Carol.., a hot-tub, sauna, dry room, huge lounge area with comfy couches, bar and a fireplace, ski runs and tracks right outside your door so you can ski in and out each day and… lastly, spectacular views of the snow gums and eucalyptus right outside your window.

The other bonus of this lodge is the fact that all meals are included so you don’t have to worry about cooking each day or finding somewhere to eat!

They also cater for families and Daisy was treated to an early dinner with the other kids, followed by a movie and boardgames downstairs in the lounge with the friendly staff – allowing mum and dad to have some quality time enjoying a well deserved glass of red and quiet meal with the other adults. No complaints here!

To stay at Diana Lodge contact Lisa at

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