‘what if I fall? Oh, but darling what if you fly!’

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it has made me think about my approach to life and how I am raising my two children to embrace a life of travel. Am I doing it right? Am I being the best possible version of myself? Am I being an inspiring role model? Am I a lot of fun to be around?
My own mum ticked all the boxes (and more!) when she raised seven children (yes, seven!) who have all turned out okay (hmm…that could be debatable ? and she did it with some core ingredients that I have taken onboard and then added my own into the mix:

  • A sense of fun
  • Always up for a laugh – be the big kid!
  • Curiosity for the world
  • Sense of adventure
  • Sense of compassion and accepting others
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Be a good listener
  • Taking risks
  • Believing in yourself

A motto commonly used in our house is ‘believe in yourself!’…like Tinkerbell. I use this constantly with Daisy when she says ‘I can’t!’. Teaching her to swim, ballet lessons and the like, I am always reminding her that she can do anything if she believes in herself. Instilling that sense of confidence and courage at a young age is vital to building resilience.

I find doing things together that involve challenging each other is a key to strengthening the mother/daughter bond. Take scooter riding for example. Each of us have a micro scooter (https://www.microscooters.com.au/be-the-fun-one) and when we jump on these each day after dinner it is GAME ON! With the wind in our hair we race each other along the river and up towards the beach and it is such an exquisite feeling! I feel young again, a big kid at heart and seeing Daisy laugh and smile as she fly’s along at record speed is so fulfilling. When we get in the door, we always seem to be besties for the rest of the night as we recount tales of who was fastest, who fell off, who was more awkward over the muddy puddles

It’s also about playing to your strengths. I detest baking, craft of any kind and refuse to join in any jigsaw puzzles, yet I love music, drawing, dance, travel and getting out and about…so, I ensure I do the latter (not the former!) and avoid any instances where I have to sew, cook or use craft glue –heaven forbid!

A lot of what we do as Mums doesn’t come under the ‘Fun’ category – the cleaning, the organising, the saying ‘no’, the enforcing of the rules. It’s easy for fun to take the back seat to all of this routine, but it shouldn’t. So, with a newborn now added to the mix and a shift in the family dynamics, it’s time we continue on our travel adventures and continue being the best mum possible by saying ‘YES’ to being the FUN ONE EVERY DAY!

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  • Dominic says:

    Thinking about how to raise kids to be worldly and open explorers is fantastic. My mom never tried hard to be the cool mom – just herself – and our relationship is much better for it. I agree that playing to strengths versus working on areas of improvement, is a far better way to be yourself and an influence for your kids. BTW – cool scooter.

  • Only By Land says:

    Believing in yourself is definitely important, I tell this to my daughter as well. I wasn’t aware that Tinkerbell said it, me and my daughter are more Toy Story fans!

  • yukti says:

    Very motivational for moms. I am also mu of two and sometimes I think my life is boring but now I have started playing with my boys. It is really cool to live once again the childhood.

  • Ami Bhat says:

    I do believe that a mom these days has to be more of a partner in crime than just a strict disciplinarian. I do feel you form a better bond with your kid. I love your views on the same too, kind of similar to what I have in mind. Loved your pic with your kid on the scooter. Cheers to mommyhood!

  • Gokul Raj says:

    This is a great guide to being a good mother. I like the way you push your child to believe in herself. She will grow to be one fine lady one day.

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