The ride of your life! Jetboating on the Shotover

Far out! The most exhilarating and awesome experience EVER! Flying along the SHOTOVER river in QUEENSTOWN gives you the biggest rush! It’s a white water adrenalin fuelled adventure that leaves you buzzing!¬†From the moment the accelerator hits the floor, your adrenaline hits the roof.

The Shotover Canyon walls tower over you, and you fly along the river at 85kph skillfully whipping past rocky outcrops, skimming around crags and boulders, and speeding through the dramatic and narrow canyons. Mammoth rock-faces blur your peripheral vision and the water sprays into a myriad of white water crystals with every turn.

It’s seriously nuts!!

Flying along the water at such speed, it awakens every part of you and you feel so alive!! The pilot does spins and at times we were literally centimetres away from massive boulders and flying over logs and rocks sticking out of the rapids…surrounded by canyon and sheer cliff faces. The best way to explore the canyon!

Tips – take a go pro mounted on your head as no phones or cameras allowed. Wear a beanie (no caps). Be prepared to get wet!

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