Top 10 Tips for first time cruisers:

– Don’t allow the cruise line to convert the currency as this will work out about 50% more than if you allow your bank to do the exchange rate.

– Catch a cab to the port from the airport as this is approximately $40 one way (one carload) however, we booked an airport transfer on the way back which was $30 each (US $)

– Pack half of what you think you’ll need. Can easily recycle outfits as no one takes much notice.

– Pack nice blouses and dressy tops for dinner each night and rest of the time just wear casual clothes. Bring one formal dress.

– Bring a book/pack of cards.

– Only bring 2 pairs of shoes – thongs/sandals and dressy shoes for dining room.

– Get your hair done at the spa to save bringing all your products.

– No shop onboard for supplies like toothpaste or chocolate, books etc

– Bring a US adaptor.

– Bring a small backpack for trips on shore.

– No tips necessary on board as you prepay your gratuities prior to boarding.

– Bring your camera

– Pack your runners as there is a 1km walking/running track onboard which saves you from getting cabin fever!

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